Kudos to New York and Virginia for Promoting Psychoeducation in School

Kudos to New York and Virginia for Promoting Psychoeducation in School

Psychoeducation critical in addressing mental health symptoms

We can’t fix what we don’t understand. Psychoeducation is a huge piece of healing mental health symptoms. The brain has an innate capacity to fix itself actually, and many times just learning about what your mental health symptoms are and what they may be stemming from is a great catalyst for change and growth. For children who are experiencing mental health issues, or who are living with parents with mental health issues, symptoms can be even more frightening and disorienting, because of the confusion around what is happening inside their minds and inside their family systems.

Children benefit greatly from mental health education

Helping children, especially adolescents and young adults, understand rudimentarily how the mind works and how to recognize healthy and unhealthy human behavior can be a saving grace for kids who are experiencing mental health issues themselves or are growing up in families in which someone is not mentally well. That’s why I was so excited to read that New York and Virginia have become the first states to mandate mental health education. Hoping and praying that other states follow suit, and soon!

Additional info on New York & Virginia’s new mental health laws

For more information, read this article in The Huffington PostNew York, Virginia Become First States To Mandate Mental Health Education