Problems Solved

Connected Directions helps you navigate the many problems you face when trying to find the right solution for your young adult and family.

  • We Understand the Options – With over a decade of experience working with emerging adults in treatment centers, in schools, and individually, we understand the varied array of solutions and support options that exist for your child.Dr. Holly and her associates are continually visiting treatment centers and interfacing with clinicians, coaches, and support networks to stay abreast of the best and most appropriate support solutions that exist both locally and around the country.
  • We Assess and Simplify
    When your young adult is struggling, it is difficult to pinpoint what their needs are and what level of care will be most helpful. We provide a thorough, clinically-based assessment of your child to identify what is needed, and we stay connected with you and with your child throughout the process so that we can continually assess how the interventions are working and whether or not changes to the overall support plan need to be made.
  • We Provide Solutions
    After assessing the needs of your student and your family, we will create an individualized plan that may include the following solutions:

    • Treatment placement for students who need crisis support
    • College placement for students who need extra support on campus
    • Therapeutically aligned support coaching to help students thrive where they are
Connected Directions - What We Do - Coaching Session

Our Process

Connected Directions has a comprehensive approach to help you understand the situation and evaluate options at each step of the process. We tailor our efforts to accommodate the individual needs of your young adult and family.